The Australian Dispute Resolution Centre in its effort in promoting a harmonious multicultural society and bridging intercultural communication conducts research and look into ways and means to achieve a peaceful solution. The ADRC has an International Advisory Panel made up of people from different cultural background to provide insights and to guide ADRC in achieving that harmonious society. Some of the stories and experiences relating to communication skills and techniques can be found in Mediation Skills & Others blog.

The Australian Dispute Resolution Centre in its aim to find effective ways in settling disputes especially between different cultures would from time to time conduct trainings and organise workshops in skills and techniques relating to Alternate Dispute Resolution such as negotiation and communication skills.

trainingOne of the unique events offered by the Australian Dispute Resolution Centre is its training workshop cum study tour. The training workshop cum study tour is ideal for participants who have the desire to travel overseas to countries located in Asia Pacific, Europe or the US to gain knowledge and skills in cross cultural negotiation and communication.

The event will feature local speakers from that country (usually corporate leaders or people who are experts in their fields) and wherever possible, site visits to local corporations where member(s) of the senior management will share their experiences in managing the corporation, their challenges and their achievements. The training workshop cum study tour will also include visits to local attractions for the participants to appreciate and enjoy the culture and flavour of that country.

There is also a similar training workshop cum study tour meant for overseas participants as well as Australians in Australia. The event is similar to the one held in overseas except that it will be held in the various states in Australia. The participants will gain knowledge and also at the same time appreciate what the different cities in the various states have to offer.