The Australian Dispute Resolution Centre uses the facilitative model in Mediation. In other words, the Mediator will facilitate discussions between the disputants to explore the issues, to generate the options and and to examine the options with a view to resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of both parties.

mediationThe Mediation process is voluntary and strictly confidential. In other words, the participation, the process itself and the settlement would require the unanimous agreement from all the disputants. Whatever is said or revealed in the Mediation cannot be revealed to anyone else unless express consent has been obtained from all those involved.

Many people choose Mediation to resolve their disputes as it is faster, cheaper and informal when compare to the court process and more importantly, the decision does not lie with the Mediator but rather with the disputants themselves. The disputants themselves would know the dispute better than anyone else and ultimately, they are the ones who must be satisfied with the outcome. A skilled Mediator’s objective is to assist the disputants achieve that mutually satisfied outcome or better known as a positive settlement.