The Australian Dispute Resolution Centre (ADRC) has been set-up as a think tank to research into matters relating to cross-cultural issues, in particular cross-cultural negotiation and communication skills. As a means to generate funds for its research and preserving its existence, the ADRC provides the following services:-

  • Mediation
  • Conflict Management coaching
  • Training in Cross Cultural Communication and Negotiation Skills; and
  • Consultancy and organising ADR and Business Cultural Study Tours.

aboutus1In its constant effort in researching, learning, promoting and applying ADR, Cross Cultural Communication and Negotiation skills, the Australian Dispute Resolution Centre organises training workshops for Australians as well as overseas participants to visit various countries located in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the US to attend training workshops cum study tours.

The overseas training workshops cum study tours will comprise of in-class seminars  given by the various countries’ local corporate leaders or experts in their respective fields on how they achieve successes in negotiating, communicating and settling their disputes without compromising their local or cultural values. Whenever possible, the study tours will also include site visits hosted by the various local corporations with the opportunity of learning  about the operations of the local companies, their challenges and their achievements. In order to appreciate the local flavour and culture of that country, a tour to the various attractions in that country will be conducted. This is a perfect opportunity for networking and to gain insights into  communication and negotiation skills apply by the local corporate leaders.

The other ADR services which the Australian Dispute Resolution Centre provide are Mediation and Conflict Management Coaching. The Australian Dispute Resolution Centre can provide Mediators who are able to mediate disputes relating to commercial, workplace, community and relationship. For those who has a conflict and prefer a one to one coaching, the Australian Dispute Resolution Centre is able to provide a Conflict Management Coach to assist. To find out more, please contact